EnergySage Heat Pump Marketplace

Landing page, multi-step onboarding flow, and project dashboard workflow for a marketplace matching homeowners to heat pump installers.

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Eric's Cocktail Guide

A curated, elegant filtering experience for discovering the finest cocktail recipes.

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Andy and Eric Bike Boston

A mapping tool that visualizes Blue Bikes stations by neighborhood and tracks our progress towards visiting every station.

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Isobar NowLab WebVR Demo

A room-scale demo of WebVR technology matching the dimensions of the Isobar NowLab office.

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Scott & White Health Plan

Interactive nav menu, responsive templates, and login flow for a CMS-powered site.


Radius Fitness for NBC Sports

Stylized video player and front-end implementation for a responsive, CMS-powered, subscription fitness video site.

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Mackenzie Investments

Responsive front-end implementation of a complex financial services site with interactive fund performance charts and tables.


MSG Networks

Isobar's first responsive site, for which I pioneered the UX/visual/engineering workflow. Front-end templates and interactivity for a CMS-powered television network site, including a second-screen experience for live sports that updated in real time.


JavaScript Academy at Isobar

A series of practical, real-world, collaborative exercises used to train our team on emerging best practices and capabilities of the browser.

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MOTOACTV Fitness Portal for Motorola

A data-rich companion site for MOTOACTV, Motorola's first smartwatch.

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Mobile App for Pegasystems

An adaptive, JavaScript-powered mobile app generated using the Sencha Touch framework.


Color Picker for Pegasystems

A desktop-quality modal dialog with interactive RGB sliders, HSL picker, and hex value entry.

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Digital Literacy for Senior Citizens

Two free courses offered over two months at the local library to teach basic computer and Internet skills to senior citizens. I developed the material, recruited and trained teaching volunteers, and ran the sessions for my Eagle Scout project.


Eric's Home Page

A hobby site where I first learned HTML and basic JavaScript, hosted on Angelfire.