Eric Douglas Pratt


Veteran React developer and engineering manager with over two decades of experience using front-end web technologies to build practical and intuitive web apps. Delivered high-quality digital experiences across the financial, insurance, e-commerce, television, fitness, and consumer technology industries. Pioneered the UX/engineering workflow for a digital marketing agency's first responsive web design project. Helped transition a 500+ person engineering organization from waterfall to Agile/Scrum. Led a working group to solve an intractable challenge with code reviewer certification across a 2000+ person engineering organization, reducing average wait time to deploy by four business days.


  • Front-end engineering role, preference for React or Vue
  • Hybrid or full-time in the office
  • Boston metro area, T-accessible office
  • Regular collaboration with UI / UX designers


  • React/Next and Vue/Nuxt application development
  • Responsive web design
  • Advanced CSS layout
  • WCAG accessibility compliance
  • Project management
  • Engineering management



Staff Software Engineer (2022 - Present)

Boston, MA

  • Built the front-end for EnergySage's Heat Pump Marketplace using Nuxt and Vue, including a landing page, multi-step onboarding flow, and project dashboard workflow
  • Led the Design System Guild and made significant contributions to the EnergySage Design System, turning it from a lightly-themed Bootstrap clone into a robust suite of brand-driven tokens and components, enabling all EnergySage teams to build UI more quickly

Wayfair Inc.

Senior Engineering Manager (2018 - 2021)

Boston, MA

  • Directed front-end engineering and staffing for all B2B engineering teams; regularly coached full-stack engineers through solving front-end challenges
  • Managed a team of full-stack engineers and QA working on B2B customer-facing tools and services, including favorites lists, invoices, product tearsheets, and other project management tools
  • Filled in as B2B product manager for two extended periods totaling 7 months, leading the team to complete initiatives with the highest business value, and quantifying said value with metrics
  • Led a group of tech leads from across Engineering to revamp our code reviewer certification process, turning a subjective and onerous approval system into a partially-automated objective assessment - this expanded the reviewer pool by ~10x, eliminated ~4 business days of wait time per code review, dramatically increased the demographic diversity of those empowered to ship code, and led to no corresponding increase in defects
  • Implemented a front-end redesign of the Wayfair B2B header and navigation, which won its A/B test and rolled out site-wide due to increased add-to-cart and checkout rates
  • Contributed new front-end components to the Wayfair design system library, including a sortable table with multiple row select and bulk actions

Isobar Inc.

Interactive Architect (2011 - 2018)

Boston, MA

  • Front-end architect and team lead for several 6+ month client projects across the financial, insurance, television, fitness, and consumer technology industries
  • Managed, mentored, and helped grow the careers of over a dozen junior front-end developers
  • Most client solutions powered by React and Redux; many integrated with various CMS technologies; earlier projects powered by jQuery
  • Projects included:
    • Business- and consumer-facing web portals for RLI Corp, IntegraMed Fertility, Scott & White Health Plan, and Motorola
    • Multi-step application flows for Scottrade and Isobar's Mindsight Direct
    • Responsive site redesigns for Adidas, Mackenzie Investments, and MSG Networks
    • A new fitness video subscription site for NBC Sports
    • JavaScript-based Apple TV app framework for NBC Universal and USA Networks
  • For Mackenzie Investments, built out significant customizations of Nightwatch/Selenium automated front-end testing suite
  • Taught an internal series of JavaScript Academy courses that solidified basic front-end development skills for our tech and creative teams
  • Pioneered Isobar's workflow approach to responsive web design back when it was brand new; trained user experience designers on the philosophy, benefits, limitations, how to design for it, and what wireframe artifacts to produce
  • Contributing author to Isobar's front-end code standards
  • Directed the Isobar NowLab innovation practice for the Boston office
  • Created and maintained interactive office floor plan maps and contributed key tools to Isobar's home-grown Intranet platform, including a searchable & filterable version of our career development framework

Pegasystems Inc.

Senior Software Engineer (2007 - 2011)

Cambridge, MA

  • Front-end lead for a team leveraging Sencha Touch and PhoneGap to create Pega's first mobile app
  • Primary creator and owner of Pega's skin-creation tool, allowing non-technical users to perform vast customization of look-and-feel for applications created via Pega's proprietary application development environment, auto-generating and optimizing large amounts of CSS
  • Chaired weekly Scrum Community meetings focused on process improvement and education as Pega underwent a two-year process to convert from a waterfall process to Scrum/Agile; served as ScrumMaster for two Scrum teams working on UI auto-generation tools and Case Management
  • Presented technical demos at PegaWORLD 2010 and PegaWORLD 2011 conferences

New York State Comptroller

Software Developer (2006 - 2007)

Albany, NY

  • Sole designer and developer of a PHP / MySQL system — modeled after Gmail's interface — to manage a multi-step workflow for incoming data security requests; replaced an outdated COBOL-based system and met Section 508 web accessibility requirements
  • Created a Java-based report generator with an easy-to-use interface that converted English phrases into SQL for selection of which data to include in the report, interfaced with three separate Oracle databases, joined the data together as necessary, and generated the appropriate report as a PDF

Rensselaer Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning Laboratory

Research Assistant (2005 - 2006)

Troy, NY

  • Formalized a DARPA intelligence analysis case study in first-order multi-sorted logic for the Slate project
  • Gave class lectures on propositional and first-order logic for Introduction to Logic course
  • Created course website with automated homework submission and grading, allowing students to get immediate feedback on their work
  • Redesigned and maintained the AI laboratory's website


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

B.S. degree in Computer Science, Cum Laude

Minors in Economics and Philosophy

Honors and Certifications

  • Certified ScrumMaster
  • Eagle Scout