A particular set of skills

The world of front-end web development has been my passion since 1997. I've led teams in creating enterprise-grade web applications across the financial, insurance, television, and consumer technology industries. Isobar gave me the wonderful opportunity to work across disciplines to pioneer their responsive design process back in 2012 and I have significant experience with Section 508 / WCAG accessibility compliance. I've taught internal courses that solidified basic front-end development skills for engineers and designers, and I've mentored and helped grow the careers of over a dozen junior front-end developers.

Outside the office

I've lived in Boston for over 13 years and each year I fall more in love with this city. I follow a mostly plant-based diet and can never go too long without eating at Life Alive and Sweetgreen. Nitro cold brew coffee from phenomenal third-wave coffee shops like Gracenote Boston keeps me energized and productive. I've biked to every Blue Bikes station in the Boston area (though they keep adding more) and play beach volleyball every summer. Craft cocktails are a big obsession of mine; I practice my mixology with friends and tinker with an expanding pool of cocktail recipes until I get them just right!

Pass on what you have learned

I've developed several real-world exercises over the years to train junior front-end developers in the ways of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Below are a few examples.

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